By Gene and Katie Hamilton

We're not big fans of do-it-yourself roof repairs because neither of us enjoy working on a ladder and crawling around a roof. But sometimes replacing a few damaged shingles with new ones on a one-story house makes sense. For one thing, it's not easy to find a roofing contractor who wants to do a small job, and for another, it's not that difficult to do it yourself. While it seems like a small job, it's an important repair to make because as time goes by, the damage will only get worse and be more costly to fix. So with that in mind, here's our take on making small roof repairs.

If you can find a handyman service that specializes in small odd jobs, you'll pay $165 to fix a few broken or missing asphalt shingles. You can buy the shingles and do the job yourself for $45 and save 72 percent. You'll need replacement shingles to match the existing ones (which you may have to order), roofing cement and nails. For tools, you'll need a hammer, putty knife and pry bar. For safety sake, secure the ladder firmly on the ground and wear rubber-soled shoes on the roof. Try to schedule the project when the weather is cool and overcast, so you're not working in the hot sun.

Wrapping up, given the average cost to replace roof shingles you can compare the price of a contractor’s bid with doing it yourself. For a local cost input your ZIP Code.

Cost updated 2016

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