Cost to Install a Garage Fire Door

Find the average cost of installing a garage fire door yourself compared with hiring a carpenter. Use your zipcode to adjust the cost to where you live so you can decide to do it yourself or hire a pro to do the job. Learn what to consider and the steps involved.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Frequently, home fires begin in the garage so there should be a door separating the garage from the house. A fire-rated steel door and jambs that raise the level of protection is a good choice in any home with an attached garage. A steel fire-rated door with a 90-minute positive pressure rating means you have up to 90 minutes of protection if a fire is spreading throughout the house. A fire-rated fiberglass door with a 20-minute rating is another good choice for this added protection. Since many local building codes require a fire-rated door in a house with an attached garage, find out what's required where you live before making your choice.

A door company will install a steel fire door and jambs for $360, but you can buy the door for $295 and do the job, saving 24 percent. You can buy a pre-hung door that simplifies the installation, but carpentry experience and tools are useful.

The project involves removing the existing door and framing to prepare the rough opening. When it comes to manhandling the unit into position, you'll probably need a helper. The unit has to be centered in the opening and secured with nails, then the unit is shimmed and adjusted until the door is plumb in both directions.

National Average Cost
Install a Garage Fire Door


  • Pro
  • DIY
  • 1.17
  • 3


  • Pro
  • DIY
  • $360
  • $295
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