By Gene and Katie Hamilton

The constant weight of a car going in and out of a garage on the threshold of a garage breaks down the seal creating a gap where rain, snow and dirt can enter. It’s an obvious problem for any garage door but one you can solve by removing the damaged seal and replacing it with a new threshold. You’ll find replacement thresholds sold at hardware stores, home centers and online. The material comes in a roll and is applied with an adhesive to the threshold of the garage

The job is straightforward. Pry off the old seal from the floor and clean the area so it’s free of dirt, water and oil, then apply rubbing alcohol to the surface. Unroll the weatherstripping material and apply the adhesive, then put it in place. Use the weight of the door to maintain the seal and allow the adhesive bond to the surface for 24 hours

A handyman will charge $125 to do the job, which includes labor and material. You can buy the weatherstripping and adhesive in a kit for $70 and install it and save 44 percent for your effort.

Cost updated 2016

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