How to: Install a Wireless Video Intercom

To add a video intercom for convenience and safety's sake follow these step-by-step directions with lists of the materials and tools you need to do the job.

Materials Required
    Video intercom
    Installation screws
    Video cable
Tools Required
    Allen wrench
    Wire cutter
    Wire stripper
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How To: Step by Step

Step  1:   Secure the mounting bracket

Decide the position of the camera lens, which is usually set at eye level. Hold the mounting bracket in the position and use a pencil to mark the holes for the mounting screws and use a screwdriver to secure them through the holes.

Connect the video cable to the back of the terminal on the monitor and fasten it to the bracket. Connect the handset and cord to the monitor jack on the bottom.

Step  2:   Install the camera box

Install the recessed camera box on the wall and secure it. Then remove the front panel of the main unit. Use the screws provided to install them in the camera box with an Allen wrench.

Step  3:   Operate the intercom

Turn the power switch "On" and use the center position to control volume and brightness. When a chime sounds and the caller appears on the monitor screen, pick up the handset to see and talk to the caller. To open the door, depress and hold the Door Release Button. When you hang up the handset, the monitor returns to Standby Mode.