The Cost of Replacing Light Fixtures

Change a room with a new light fixture and transform the space. It’s not as difficult or expensive as you may think to replace track lighting, a wall light, fluorescent fixture, chandelier, and kitchen and bathroom lighting.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Swapping out a light fixture is an almost instant upgrade to any room in the house. Track lighting in a home office adds function with style, a wall light in a foyer is welcoming and illuminating, even a new fluorescent fixture in a laundry room can make the job of washing and drying clothes more pleasant. Whether it’s a new chandelier in a dining room or an upgrade in kitchen and bathroom lighting, you’ll be surprised and pleased with the transformative powers of a new fixture.

To swap an outdated light fixture requires experience doing electrical projects and a few specialty tools but it’s a doable job for a handy homeowner or wannabe. That’s assuming it’s a simple replacement of one fixture for another. If there’s not an existing light fixture and a new electrical line is needed, call an electrician to do the job. You want the job done once and done right the first time and that’s a job left for a professional.

The Pro costs for the projects below include the light fixture and the labor and the DIY costs are for the fixture. Follow the links to learn what's involved in each fixture replacement to help you decide if you should do it yourself or hire a pro.

Cost to Install Track Lighting

Cost to Install a Wall Light

Cost to Install a Fluorescent Fixture

Cost to Hang a Chandelier

Cost to Replace a Kitchen Light

Cost to Install a Bath Bar Light

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