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Paint Stained Wood

Find the average cost to paint stained wood yourself compared with the labor and material cost of hiring a painter. Use your ZIP Code to adjust the cost to where you live so you can decide to do it yourself or hire a pro to do the job. A calculator helps you know how much paint you need.  
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National Average Cost
Paint Stained Wood


  • Pro
  • DIY
  • 9
  • 20


  • Pro
  • DIY
  • $672
  • $120

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Today’s Tip: Lipstick for loose door latches

For locks that no longer latch - put a thick layer of lipstick on the lock, turn the knob so that the latch is pulled into the door and close it snapping the latch into the strike several times. When open you'll see an imprint of where and how much you need to file off the strike to get the door to stay closed.

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